Building an effective data protection management system that meets legal requirements and your business needs is a complex task.

This requires, among other things, defining responsibilities, analyzing the compliance status, adapting processes, maintaining documentation in accordance with data protection laws, monitoring service providers, answering requests from data subjects and training employees. In addition, the requirements for data protection management are subject to constant change and must always be adapted to new legislation and case law, regulatory guidance on the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation or the ideas of business partners. This is a massive undertaking, which we face every day in our data protection consulting as well as in our role as external data protection officer and which calls for IT support. We have not found a data protection management tool on the market that meets our requirements and those of our clients. That is why we have developed PLANIT // PRIMA. In particular, we have put the following into practice:

Intuitive Handling

A data protection management tool should simplify tasks from data protection practice and is not an end in itself. It must be simple and intuitive to use. There is no need for functions that need to be explained. We have consistently implemented this in the development of PLANIT // PRIMA.

Pragmatic Implementation

Data protection law requirements are complex enough. You do not need a data protection management tool that adds another dimension of technical complexity to legal regulations. In PLANIT // PRIMA, you will only find the functions you need to set up and operate a data protection management system that is justifiable and thus efficiently avoids liability.

Developed by Experts

Tool-supported data protection managements is a demanding task at the interface of law and technology. We are experts in advising on all facets of data protection law with a wealth of experience in setting up and operating data protection management systems. We know the requirements for good data protection management and combine legal and technical expertise. PLANIT // PRIMA is based on this know-how of our lawyers. They are directly involved in the development of PLANIT // PRIMA.


PLANIT // PRIMA supports you in all tasks of data protection management and is continuously improving and developing. The development of PLANIT // PRIMA is based on experiences and requirements from clients and user feedback. Even if we cannot imagine it ourselves, the PLANIT // PRIMA of tomorrow will still be a little bit better than the PLANIT // PRIMA of today.

Core functionalities

Presentation of the Data Protection Documentation

With PLANIT // PRIMA you can quickly and easily carry out your entire data protection documentation online. Invite employees to contribute to the creation of records of processing activities, data protection impact assessments or the documentation of technical and organizational measures.

Your employees expect online forms to be filled out intuitively. You can track the progress of processing with PLANIT // PRIMA. You will find your documentation clearly arranged, structured and versioned in the PLANIT // PRIMA database. The days of confusing and complicated management of physical and electronic folders and sending documents by e-mail are over with PLANIT // PRIMA.

Takeover of your Data Protection Documentation

With PLANIT // PRIMA you can start from scratch and build and document your data protection management from the very beginning. If you have already taken the first steps towards setting up a data protection management system or have established a comprehensive data protection management system, PLANIT // PRIMA offers a wide range of options for taking over and continuing your data protection management.

Online Trainings on Data Protection

PLANIT // PRIMA offers you all the possibilities of modern online trainings. From basic training on data protection to specialized training of your departments with or without learning control. Invitations to training courses, documentation of participation and success as well as invitations to refresher trainings are all easily possible with PLANIT // PRIMA.

Information on Data Protection

In the PLANIT // PRIMA Info Center you will always find up-to-date information on data protection and digitalization.

Do you need a data protection management tool and the support of data protection experts?

No problem. The license model for PLANIT // PRIMA is flexible and can be optimally adapted to your needs. In the low-cost basic version, you receive access and can administer and document your data protection management yourself. In the expert version, you also have access to comprehensive templates and extended know-how. In the professional version, you combine PLANIT // PRIMA with the advice of data protection experts from PLANIT // LEGAL. In PLANIT // PRIMA, we then work with you to set up your data protection management system and provide you with personal support.

You are interested in PLANIT // PRIMA?

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What requirements does PLANIT // PRIMA place on my IT?

PLANIT // PRIMA is a browser-based software. To use PLANIT // PRIMA you need an internet access, a PC or laptop with a common internet browser (e.g. Firefox or Chrome) and access to PLANIT // PRIMA. There are no further requirements.


And what about data protection?

We know the data protection requirements for the use of IT tools from our consulting practice and have designed (Privacy by Design) PLANIT // PRIMA the way we want it to be for our clients’ IT tools. PLANIT // PRIMA is therefore hosted by a German hosting provider in a data center in Germany. There are no data transfers to third countries outside the EEA. For the use of PLANIT // PRIMA, we will conclude a contract with you for data processing which complies with the requirements of Art. 28 GDPR. Of course you will also receive a concept from us regarding the technical-organizational measures taken.