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You want your firm to be on the cutting edge and offer your clients modern and digital legal services? Try // PRIMA Whitelabel. The first data protection and compliance tool to operate completely in your CI. //PRIMA Whitelabel is a ready-to-use data protection management system designed to be offered to your clients in addition to, or complementary to, your existing legal services. Start your digital future today and become a legal tech firm with // PRIMA Whitelabel.
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Your Benefit

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New digital offering for your Clients

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Complete adoption of your CI

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Contains complete Data Protection Management System

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Adoption of your Content and Business Procedures possible

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Made by Colleagues for Colleagues

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Digital Collaboration with Your Clients

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Legal Tech for Your Firm

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Designed for use in Law Firms

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No hidden Implementation Costs

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Your Client Documents in the Onboarding

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Matz Radloff
Software Developer

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Core Functionalities

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Complete Data Protection Management System

// PRIMA Whitelabel includes a complete Data Protection Management System that you can offer to your clients “ready to use”. Regardless of whether you are an experienced Data Protection Expert or planning to establish new business in Data Protection Law. // PRIMA Whitelabel provides you with a new digital platform. Ready to go legal tech. Customization of content to your consulting practices, templates and procedures is, off course, possible.

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Adoption of your Documents and Business Procedures

Documents in // PRIMA Whitelabel are based on our “blue print” concept. Benefit from easy-to-configure document templates that allow to easily model decision logics and links between documents and procedures. This makes // PRIMA Whitelabel an extremely flexible legal tech system that allows you to easily customize content or completely replace it with your content. Of course, // PRIMA Whitelabel can thus also be used for compliance topics other than data protection.

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Online Training Module included

// PRIMA Whitelabel contains a complete online training module. Roll out training courses on data protection, IT security, work safety and many other topics digitally and conveniently to your clients with // PRIMA Whitelabel. Your clients can select and book the content in the training marketplace. Of course, you can also create your own training courses and offer them to your clients with // PRIMA Whitelabel.

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Info Center

// PRIMA Whitelabel contains an Info Center with up-to-date information on data protection and digitization for you and your clients. This keeps you and your clients always at the cutting edge. To further optimize and individualize the information experience for your clients, you can of course also integrate your own content from blogs, newsletters and the like.

Your Contact

planit legal matz radloff

Matz Radloff

Software Developer

+49 (0) 40 609 44 190


„Today clients expect legal advice with a finger on the pulse, in a digital and innovative format. That's why we developed // PRIMA Whitelabel. “

Bernd Schmidt, PLANIT // LEGAL Founding Partner

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Can you tell from the outside that // PRIMA Whitelabel was not developed in-house?

No. This is not recognizable without further effort. You receive // PRIMA Whitelabel in your CI, can call it whatever you like and offer it under your URL. The extent to which you communicate that it’s a purchased tool is up to you.

What requirements does // PRIMA Whitelabel have on my IT?

// PRIMA Whitelabel is a browser-based software. In order to offer // PRIMA Whitelabel to your clients, you need internet access, a PC or laptop with a common internet browser (e.g. Firefox or Chrome) and access to // PRIMA Whitelabel. There are no other requirements.

What requirements does // PRIMA Whitelabel place on my clients’ IT?

// PRIMA is a browser-based software. To access your // PRIMA Whitelabel instance, your clients only need a PC or laptop with a common internet browser (e.g. Firefox or Chrome). There are no other conditions.

And what about data protection?

We know the data protection requirements for the use of IT tools from our consulting practice and have designed // PRIMA Whitelabel in such a way (Privacy by Design) as we would wish for our clients’ IT tools. // PRIMA Whitelabel is therefore hosted by a German hoster in a data center in Germany. There are no third country transfers. For the use of // PRIMA Whitelabel, we conclude a data processing agreement with you that complies with the requirements of Art. 28 DSGVO. Of course, you will also receive a concept from us on the technical and organizational measures taken.

And what about IT security?

// PRIMA Whitelabel is operated exclusively in an ISO 27001-certified data center in Germany. This means you are well covered when it comes to IT security.

Can I run // PRIMA Whitelabel under our office URL?

Yes, this is possible and the regular case.

Can clients reach // PRIMA Whitelabel via my law firm website?

Yes, this is possible and makes sense. You can set up access to // PRIMA Whitelabel for your clients anywhere on your website.

Is it possible for clients to export their documentation?

Yes. There is a download function for each document. Your clients can download them at any time and save them locally or migrate them to other tools.