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Full service in IT and data protection law

PLANIT // LEGAL offers comprehensive advice on German and European IT and data protection law. We are on your side either supporting your legal, data protection and compliance departments or as external data protection officers.

We advise on software licenses, IT-procurement, e-commerce law, IT and data protection compliance and data protection and IT due diligence. We develop solutions that fit your company. In particular, we draft IT and data protection contracts, support IT projects and represent your interests and rights in litigation or in disputes with supervisory authorities.

PLANIT // LEGAL lawyers have many years of consulting experience in IT and data protection departments of international law firms, in boutique law firms for IT and data protection law, in their work for data protection supervisory authorities and as data protection officers.

Our Brand Essentials


IT technical and legal problems tend to be complicated by nature. We do not make them more complicated, but strive for the simplest possible solution. Always.


With our expertise and our technical knowledge, we are prepared for the big and supposedly unsolvable problems. If there is no simple solution, we will go the long way with you all the way.


We speak in clear language and give you an honest assessment of the prospects of success in a dispute, of the chances to find a mutually acceptable solution or of the economic sense or nonsense of legal actions. We are convinced this is the only way to get to the bottom of your problems and to find perfect optimal solutions together.

Strong Network

We have a strong network and work closely with colleagues from other jurisdictions or specialisations to solve any aspects of your problem in the best possible way. Our network includes PR, IT security and IT forensics experts.