Expert Opinions in IT Law

PLANIT // LEGAL is at your service for expert opinions regarding IT law matters. They will lend their expertise, which is shored up by their legal and technical qualifications, to the legal assessment of complex technical issues. PLANIT // LEGAL lawyers (such as Claudia Bischof and Dr. Bernard Freund) are well versed in IT matters as certified experts carrying the title of a ‘Fachanwalt für IT-Recht’, i.e. lawyers officially certified in IT law as their chosen area of legal expertise. In addition to their legal expertise PLANIT // LEGAL lawyers have technical expertise. Claudia Bischof has studied Software Engineering, Dr. Bernhard Freund is a Master of Computer science with a longstanding experience as a programmer. These dual qualifications allow for a particularly efficient production of well-founded expert opinions.

Experts for IT Products

Dr. Bernhard Freund and Dr. Bernd Schmidt were recognised as Experts for IT Products (Dr. Bernhard Freund in both the legal and technical field, Dr. Bernd Schmidt in the legal field) by the Independent Centre for Data Protection for the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein (ULD) according to Section 3(1) of the Privacy Seal Regulation (Datenschutzgütesiegelverordnung).

The recognition was reserved for independent and specially qualified experts for carrying out studies on legal and technical requirements of IT-products. The certification procedure leading to the award of the Data Protection Seal (Datenschutz Gütesiegel) by the ULD has been discontinued as of 24 May 2018. Please find more information below.

Data Protection Seal (ULD) [until 24 May 2018]

The ‘Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz Schleswig-Holstein’ (ULD), the Independent Centre for Data Protection for the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein, has been a pioneer regarding official data protection certifications. Since 2002, it had been awarding the ‘Datenschutz-Gütesiegel’, the ‘Data Protection Seal’ for hardware, software, automated procedures and services. The supervisory authorities of the other German Federal States also frequently recommended the use of products marked with the ULD Data Protection Seal.

The certification under the ULD Data Protection Seal has been discontinued with the entry into force of the GDRP on 25 May 2018. However, the ULD will continue to offer certifications in the future. More information is available on the website of the ULD.

Benefits of certification for your company

  • Credible demonstration of Data Protection Compliance
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Increase in reputation and consumer confidence
  • Internal risk control and safety optimisation
  • Preference in public tenders in the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein
  • In practice, preference is also frequently given in public tenders elsewhere