Is video streaming illegal by now?

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The European Court of Justice (ECJ) (decision of 26 April 2017, ref: C-527/15) needed to decide whether the distribution of multimedia player enabling free access to audiovisual works protected by copyright without the consent of the right holders might be illegal. The defendant sold on a number of internet sites various models of a multimedia player. That player is a …

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Liability for Operating Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

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After long discussions, finally the German legislator implemented a rule excluding liability for providers of public Wi-Fi Hotspots. However, there remain relevant legal risks for operating public Wi-Fi Hotspots. Key aspects of this recent amendment of the German Telemedia Act (TMG) are summarised below. 1.   Liability Limitation for Access-Providers Sections 7 and 8 TMG contain a liability limitation for so …

Boss is Watching! New Data Protection Authorities’ Guidance on E-Mail and Internet Use at Work

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E-Mail and internet at work primarily serve the company’s business purposes. However, in many cases, employers allow or tolerate private use of company e-mailing or internet systems. This may result in severe restrictions for the company’s access to data stored in such systems. Companies are well advised to implement clear rules on (private) use in order to prevent undesired consequences.